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Peter Siaggas

Spots Films wanted a beautiful eye-catching website and strong web presence.

"Checkpoint Digital, was able to deliver the exact website we had envisioned for our company. We wanted a good looking website where we could display our work, while also being able to connect with future clients and fans. Checkpoint did just that for us. Our rank on Google is top notch, and we have an amazing website that is mobile-friendly"

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Higher Google Rank

Spots Films had impressive credentials and was well established in the film industry, having worked with high profile clients such as Shaquille O'Neal, Will Ferrell, Will Smith, Barack Obama, and many more. Spots Films most important ask was to have a high search profile on Google and ranking highly on the long list of websites. With the experience that we have, we were able to accomplish just that for them; We significantly improved their business listings and the visibility of their Google accounts, while directing visitors straight from Google Search onto their website. Spots Films now appears three times on just the first page of key search terms.

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We wanted to develop and design a simple but high functioning webpage that would highlight all the amazing projects Spots has produced over the years. A simple homepage displaying the highest profile actors, and athletes they have worked with, along with the entire team of Spots. Personal subpages for each team member, with short biographies, and detailed portfolio with videos created by Peter Siaggas to compliment their amazing work.

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