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Dimitrios Klonaras

Dimitrios wanted a high functioning, beautiful looking website to manage a high volume of clients.

Dimitrios was looking for a beautiful looking website designed to help manage his large clientele, as well as draw in new customers. With a beautiful home page, underlining his journey and biggest accomplishments we were able to raise his clientele by 70% within the first month.

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Online bookings, and pricing plans.

Due to the high volume of clients, we wanted to design an easy to access website with "book" buttons all around, to redirect visitors directly to scheduling their appointment. We also created online pricing plans, where visitors could directly purchase monthly or yearly plans that best fit their needs.

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High Google Rank

After the creation and design of the website, the next step was to ensure Dimitrios that he would rank amongst the top 5 in his market. By using high functioning keywords, we were able to organically rank "Dimitrios Klonaras Workouts" on the first page in his local market but also to secure the #1 spot in that first page.

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Along with the website, performance advertising, and Google Search Performance, we also were in charge of creating a powerful brand look for "Dimitrios Klonaras Workouts". We designed a strong looking logo to give visitors and potential client a taste of what they can get from subscribing to a workout plan.

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