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Starting from scratch

When the two owners of Doggie Heaven reached out to us and told us about their brand vision, we couldn't have been more excited. Doggie Heaven was our first project helping a company from start to finish- with branding, web development and design, alongside with growing their Social Media followers and running advertisements. Within a few months, Doggie Heaven sold out of almost every product and was able to donate thousands of dollars to animal shelters and dogs in need.

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Beautiful Website 

Our entire goal when creating any website is to increase the appeal, give the brand an identity, and most importantly, be mobile-friendly. The website theme and brand were created based upon the owner’s dog, a black lab. We included a shop page that featured 200 products, as well as an about us page, a donations page, and a brand ambassadors page. We also created a digital gift cart certificate, which visitors could purchase and send to a loved one, in order to redeem back on the Doggie Heaven website.

Social Media

By running high-converting, custom advertisements and by streaming organic traffic, we were able to grow Doggie Heaven's Instagram to by 1,000 followers in just a few weeks before the launch of the website. With that strategy, we were able to help them get organic sales quickly after launching their website, without having to run Google or Facebook ads right away. We hosted giveaways and online events in order to increase followers, along with daily posts that featured a different dog everyday.

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